About Us

This company was created in Cincinnati, OH with a goal to modernize the vintage styles that were once loved. Vintage is making a strong presence and yet many still want a modern twist to it. Our style plays off of bold colors big or small. A simple well placed visible zipper or bold colors in pockets can set a look apart from the rest. We partner with local fabric stores and local fashion owners as a way to promote the handmade craze that has been on the rise. Our goal is to give the best customer service as possible regardless of where you are and what size you wear. Custom piece or not we want everyone to feel that the piece they bought is one of a kind to them. Size may not matter but the fit always will! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and should be able to dress in confidence. From young girls, Pretty in Pinke, to plus size women, (B)eautiful (B)eyond (W)ords, we at 1914 clothing will do our best to make you feel your best. All you have to do is join us in the greatest fight against the pattern!


*Add mission statement and vision statement*

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