It is good to have one classic beauty to model for you! This model serves face and brings this fun skirt to life. The wind came right on time to show how light this fabris is. Nothing like a good photoshoot to complete the day who needs a studio when nature serves the best backdrop! These skirts come with pockets and can be as low as $35.00 USD depending on the fabric of your choice (this price does not include shipping). Place your order now on our Etsy site!

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1914 clothing20160513_135903

Meet the Creator


Hello to all!

Thank you for visiting my site. This company was founded on the styles of old. Vintage clothing revisited is the name of the game. Women are built in many different shapes and sizes. Don’t you hate shopping and finding the perfect dress and it being to tight at the top but fits perfectly at the bottom and vise versa? Well the goal is to make it easier on you with designs that can be customized to fit your measurements. Sometimes it’s a hassle to buy a dress and then figure out if you can get it altered in time for an event well now you can cut out the middle man. If you truly love a look but you want it to fit your measurements you can custom order to fit like a glove. Help 1914 be great and inspire all to enjoy life with fashion in mind. From young in age to young at heart we target the masses to make every woman feel attractive and beautiful. Join me in achieving that goal and working with me personally. Feel free to contact if you have any questions about the looks featured and how you yourself can order an origional one of a kind piece.

513-713-1914 call and text

Havana Nights

Teaming up with locals is always a plus. Lostties did a great job making a hair bow to match my midi skirt. A skirt with an intricate pattern should be a staple in any woman’s closet next to the LBD (little black dress).  This backdrop takes you to another place. Beautiful skies in a lovely neighborhood.

You can order your own custom hair tie by visiting there etsy account! Check out all the cool pieces and you can also find something for the Mr. aswell.

Guess Who?!

etsy.jpgRemember this skirt? Well its always good to show it in a different light. When creating a masterpiece its never hard to show it off. This skirt will be the talk of the town. African prints are in and this skirt has already received its fair praise. Come join in ordering your custom african pencil skirt with belt. to inquire about pricing and fabrics available. This particular skirt can be purchased for $45.00 USD + shipping. Order now before this season is over with!


Attention to detail

Sometimes a mistake can not be noticed by the audience however the performer can see the mistake quickly. Being a perfectionist is not easy however the attention to detail makes for a great piece that can be loved by all. Love this pattern it is bright enough for summer yet can be carried into fall. This mustard yellow is all the rave and stand out even against the red. Never be scared of color! Stepping out the box can be a good thing. Order your own custom full skirt today! to inquire about pricing.20160513_135510

In the navy!

 Introducing 1914 women clothing! This look is inspired by the fashions of old. It is summer and it is time to keep cool! Wrap dresses are everything and with this dress you can dress up or down. Stripes are in and it’s time to be carefree.