Getting Started (TIES)

A tie is a simple project that works well for beginners in sewing. There are simple patterns you can find online BUT the most effective way to learn is by finding an old tie, taking it apart and using it as a pattern to create a new one. IMG_3126I suggest this way because if you pay attention to how the tie is constructed as you seem rip it apart you will have success putting it back together! I state this from experience so trust the process and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Start small to build your confidence, the bigger projects will definitely come in due time. Never forget to have fun! So now that I have mastered the tie my next adventure will be the…..(drum roll)…(pregnant pause)…..(dramatic music)…..


If you would like to purchase a tie of your own or as a gift, ties start at $25.00 + shipping cost. 

Men’s Blazer

IMG_3119Although 1914 specializes in women’s clothing we never run from a challenge. Our first suit jacket for menswear is a custom piece to bring life to any formal event. Custom pieces are a thing of the future! This way no one will ever be wearing the same piece as you because you will always be the only one, you are your own competition in fashion.

Let the menswear collection BEGIN!