Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is an American fashion designer who was born in 1942. She’s best known for her super ‘feminine’ and whimsical designs. A for people refer to them as over the top. Those just aren’t her people (insert smirk). She’s also super well known for doing cartwheels that end in the splits at the end of each of her fashion shows ! It’s pretty much her signature move.

Fun Fact: She initially wanted to be a dancer and took a ton of dance classes but through it she found her love for costumes and decided to get into fashion. Now ya know why her designs are deemed over the top; they’re costumey on purpose.

She studied fashion at the Pratt Institute but ended up graduating from Syracuse University. After graduation she was able to intern at Mademoiselle magazine and get a ton of real-world experience. After about a year she was deemed the in-house designer for a little boutique in Manhattan named Paraphernalia.

Fun Fact: She has been married 3 times but always keeps her name, professionally, as is; last name Johnson.

In 1969 at the age of 27 she opened up her own boutique in New York called Betsey Bunky Nini. Shortly after, she took control of a fashion label called Alley Cat and began making designs for rockstars.

In 2002 Johnson was inducted into the Fashion Walk of Fame and the year after is when she expanded her line into handbags and other accessories. Handbags have been her golden goose ever since !

In 2009 she earned Lifetime Achievement award for her fashion from the National Arts Club which was a pretty big deal and as of 2011, she’s in at least 65 stores worldwide ! Although she filed for bankruptcy in 2012, the brand is still up and going.

Fun Fact: Betsey is a long term breast cancer survivor.